The IMITATOR benchmarks library

This page contains

  1. A list of selected benchmarks from the IMITATOR benchmarks library
  2. Links to several lists of benchmarks and experimental raw data from the IMITATOR publications
  3. A link to the full list of benchmarks on GitHub

1) Selected benchmarks

Hardware circuits

Case study Reference Model Model (graphics) Verification
Property Robustness Cartography
AndOr [CC05] AndOr.imi AndOr-pta.jpg sequence AndOr.pi0 AndOr.v0
Flip-flop [CC04] flipflop.imi flipflop-pta.jpg action precedence flipflop.pi0 flipflop.v0
Simple circuit [ACR15] IMPO.imi IMPO-pta.jpg non-reachability / partial orders IMPO.pi0
Simple circuit with loop [ACR15] IMPOloop.imi IMPOloop-pta.jpg non-reachability / partial orders IMPOloop.pi0


Case study Reference Model Model (graphics) Verification
Property Robustness Cartography
Bang & Olufsen BangOlufsen.imi BangOlufsen-pta.jpg sequence BangOlufsen.pi0
Bounded retransmission protocol [DKRT97] brp.imi brp-pta.jpg non-reachability brp.pi0 brp.v0
CSMA/CD [KNSW07] csmacdPrism.imi csmacdPrism-pta.jpg (probabilities) csmacdPrism.pi0 csmacdPrism.v0
Fischer mutual exclusion [AHV93] FischerAHV93.imi FischerAHV93-pta.jpg non-reachability
Fischer mutual exclusion [HRSV02] fischerHRSV02.imi fischerHRSV02-pta.jpg non-reachability fischerHRSV02.pi0 fischerHRSV02.v0
Fischer mutual exclusion (with observer) [HRSV02] fischerHRSV02_obs.imi fischerHRSV02_obs-pta.jpg non-reachability fischerHRSV02.pi0 fischerHRSV02.v0

Toy case studies

Case study Reference Model Model (graphics) Verification
Property Robustness Cartography
Coffee machine (own work) coffee.imi coffee-pta.jpg reachability coffee.pi0 coffee.v0
Coffee machine with drinker (own work) coffeeDrinker.imi coffeeDrinker-pta.jpg various properties coffeeDrinker.pi0
Noodles cooking (own work) NoodlesCooking.imi NoodlesCooking-pta.jpg non-reachability
Nuclear plant (own work) NuclearPlant.imi NuclearPlant-pta.jpg non-reachability

2) Lists of benchmarks with experimental data

We give below lists of benchmarks associated with publications related to algorithms integrated in IMITATOR, or to case studies verified using IMITATOR.

Each page associated with a publication contains the list of benchmarks, the binaries and source of the IMITATOR version used to compute the result, and all raw experimental data.

Publication Purpose List of benchmarks
[AHW18] Parametric timed pattern matching benchmarks
[ALin17] Learning-based compositional synthesis benchmarks
[ANPS17] Non-Zeno parametric model checking benchmarks
[ACN15] Enhanced distributed cartography benchmarks
[SAL15] Solution to the Thales FMTV challenge benchmark
[ALNS15] New algorithms PRP and PRPC benchmarks
[AFKS12] Tool paper 2.5 benchmarks
[Andre10infinity] Tool paper 2.0 benchmarks
[Andre09ictac] Tool paper 1.0 benchmarks

3) The full IMITATOR benchmark library

The entire (and raw) IMITATOR benchmark library is available on GitHub (in directory "benchmarks").

These case studies shall be repatriated to this page and sorted out in a near future.


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