Tools related to IMITATOR

Related Tools

Tool Features
APRON Numerical abstract domain library
HyMITATOR Extension of IMITATOR to hybrid systems
HyTech Reachability analysis for hybrid automata
JANI The JANI Specification for networks of various kinds of quantitative automata
MAP A tool for transformation of logic programs using the unfold/fold methodology
PAT Specification, simulation and model checker for multiple formalisms
PHAVer Polyhedral Hybrid Automaton Verifyer
PPL The Parma Polyhedra Library, used by IMITATOR
Prism Probabilistic symbolic model checker
PSyHCoS Parameter Synthesis for Hierarchical Concurrent Systems
RED library Extending BDD technology to dense-time spaces
Roméo A tool for (parametric) Time Petri Nets analysis
ShrinkTech A tool evaluating the robustness (wrt shrinking) in timed automat
SpaceEx State Space Explorer for Hybrid Systems
Uppaal Modeling, validation and verification of real-time systems modeled as timed automata
WSN-PN Modeling, validation and verification of Petri nets models